Freehand Demo at Uruguay Quilters 7/7/07 – arcs.

Oh well, I suppose this is a nice casual photo arrangement that blogger has decided is ‘it’ for today since I really wanted to upload all these pics in close proximity.
On the right is a detail of fabric I have shown once before (post for 19th may) I show it because it is an entirely easy, sensible and indeed obvious way to divide a square/block with non-intersecting arcs, the underlying unit in the many I have seen of Susan Leslie Lumsden’s quilts, one of which is depicted on a postcard lying on the luminous quilter’s ruler up towards the top righthand corner of the central photo.
On the table are the segments I cut from 4 layers of fabric to be the first 4 blocks in a quilt for my DD, and which I used as a demo of freehand rotary cutting and piecing for two quilters who hadn’t seen it before. The arcs were then shuffled so that there was one of each colour in each block, and these have now long since been sewn together, and joined by many more. How will I arrange the huge number of blocks I need for a large kingsize bed? Well , there are several options, and I’ll decide what looks best a bit further down that road. They could be randomly oriented as in the printed silk above right, or in blocks of 4 with circle-like formations as per Susan’s, or any of the variations of Rob Peter to Pay Paul –all just arcs cut from squares. This way of working has lots of potential, and the particular bedspread I’ve just started is golds, blacks and dark browns, jungle prints, deep blues, and dashes of purples, oranges, tans, lime and citrus. They consist of commercial prints and several commercial hand dyeds, and as I go I will dig into the scrap bag for an occasional ‘zinger’ fabric to highlight the other fairly numerous fabrics I have gathered for this project.

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