A Wall Quilt Featuring Botero Prints

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I will never put this on exhibition of course, but if I had to name it, this wall quilt would be called “Homage to Fernando Botero”  which I finished this week.  It now hangs in the bano social in this house, where odd ceiling angles provide the perfect spot – ironically above the loo which Fernando Botero himself is never shy of depicting in the background to a figure when appropriate.

botero wall quilt

Mike and I are devotees of the Colombian  artist Fernando Botero who Wiki introduces as the most recognised and quoted living Latin American artist today, and continues “His signature style, also known as “Boterismo”, depicts people and figures in large, exaggerated volume, which can represent political criticism  (Abu Grahib drawings and paintings) or humor, depending on the piece.” Just google his name and you’ll find a wealth of images of his sculptures, paintings and drawings – and of the artist himself.

One of my very favourites in the work with humour group – (he has mostly stayed away from political comment via his art)  is Mujere Con Pajaro / Woman with Parrot, seen here in my not very brilliant photo of this pastel drawing behind glass which caused a couple reflections.  (but googling you can find a couple of images, neither of which have good colour)

botero's girl with parrot

There is such a lot of wonderful detail in this portrait of a woman –  the dress is gorgeous, her nails and jewellery are meticulous, the parrot is there on her shoulder of course, as she pours drinks for herself and whoever is just out of the picture.   But the most (pun intended) eye-catching thing about her is her turned eye.  Yet he called it ‘Woman With Parrot’

A couple of years ago we went to a fantastic exhibition here in Montevideo of his  pencil drawn still lifes and portraits, which prompted me to contact a dealer … and I found that I’d need to win the lottery to buy one, and so I will if I ever do! In the meantime we have to make do with the catalogue of that exhibition, and  personal visits to his work whenever the opportunity comes up – for he is widely represented in major museums and collections around the world.

botero's adam and eve bronzes web

When we visited Columbia last year we found his work everywhere – there are huge bronze sculptures in plazas, gardens and museums, paintings and drawings in art museums, and we even found some delightful small giclees of not very good quality but great affordability in artisan markets in the historic city of Cartagena.  We bought a few.  We looked but could not find one of the woman with parrot, but love the ones we did choose to bring home and display, somehow.  Instead of the group of framed or mounted things on the wall, I decided to ‘frame’ them in fabric, by means of a wall quilt.

So it is now installed where we can enjoy some of his art every day, and those of you who are in Montevideo and visit our home occasionally, we hope you’ll enjoy it too!

For some other textile artist’s work this week go to http://ninamariesayre.blogspot.com/









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