From The Series Of The Same Name Comes Ebb&Flow – #24.

Ebb & Flow 24 web

Ebb & Flow 24,  2014. 

A bit erosional in character.  Despite some real differences with others preceeding it, this one defnitely belongs in this series much more so than I felt while making it.

There has been a bit of discussion on the SAQA and Quiltart lists about working in a series, what might be the importance of working in a series, how you go about it, what are the guidelines to working in a series, how do you set up a series., even some asking ‘Should I be working in a series do you think?’    Some people get so analytical over this stuff that I don’t think needs much analysis; while others write books and teach courses on working this way.   Everyone knows when the work of another artist, contemporary or historic, falls into a series(s)    Working in a series is nothing new, nor does it guarantee that your work will be accepted or acclaimed if you do!  But everyone knows a series when they see one – it could be loosely described as a group of art works linked by some theme or technical factor that underlies or defines a cohesive body of work.  From personal experience I know that to be involved in one is enriching and satisfying.  I don’t seem to plan mine as in set out a plan, they just lead from one to another, and I just find myself in one after 2 or 3 related pieces.  I continue with a theme until I feel I’m done with it.  One or two I feel I’m finished with (Colour Memories)  others not so at all even though I may not be working in that group just now  (Ancient Expressions) : I reserve the right to say something more some time!

How thrilling was the announcement the other day that the Rembrandt portrait at Buckland Abbey in Devon UK has been shown to be a self portrait dating back to 1625 when he was in mid 20’s.  Until very recently it had always been thought to be in his style but done by one of his students.  It’s suddenly worth a heck of a lot of more money in nominal terms – but, of course, the abbey will never offer it for sale! But the larger amount is relevant for insurance purposes; and confirmation of the C17 Rembrandt selfie will bring a large increase in visitor numbers and revenue, I imagine.   Anyway, Rembrandt painted over 40 self portraits, quite a series you’ll agree – and many other artists painted the Old Master, too, so there are a lot of images of him – we must have a pretty good idea of what he looked like in pre-photography days.

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