Tempus Fugit, Indeed

On my most recent visit to the sunday markets I found this table display of watch faces and empty watch cases – I wonder what happened to all the hands, though? Maybe those were what the stallholder had originally wanted and had no use for the rest of the stuff….

I’d have bought some if I could think of anything at all to do with them…. feel free to make some creative suggestions – I am sure he will be there again when we go in the next few weeks.

But these blank expressions of time having departed are a reminder of how much I still want to achieve, and have photographed, before my next trip away …this past weekend we spent a couple of days with friends down in Punta del Este – divine weather, wine, seafood, lovely pool in garden/parkland setting – and although I took the current work (blogged in the previous post) now all layered and pinned, I didn’t actually do a single stitch!!! But never mind, the company was good and the vinos excellent… but then having spent today meandering across the country on the way back, via a drill site to be checked by DH in the course of his work (and an hour’s reading done out there) in effect tomorrow will need to be a serious quilting day. I think the quilting I have in mind, over the size it is, it could all be done in one day. I might even get to start cutting out the myriad of bits, small, I have in mind for the next, large, work. Not much leather punching this time – although its perhaps a pity to waste the callouses worked up in the course pf the prep work for the current one, though!

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3 Responses to “Tempus Fugit, Indeed”

  1. sion says:

    wow – no way in the world could I have left those all sitting there! Then again, not everyone shares my clock/watch obsession heh

  2. Karen says:

    I think I would have HAD to buy some of those! I never use a watch and the collection of handless watch faces says so many things. Time without end… future time…lost time…stalled time etc etc.. LOL such fun!

  3. David Walker says:

    Rediscovering friends is wonderful! Thanks for your comments on my words, and kudos to you on yours. We all miss the good ole days, but the memories are so sweet.


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