Trapped Carrots – Really?

I was checking through my blank page sketch book, where I sketch out/doodle pattern ideas in pencil, and often add single words or lists alongside, and there I found these apparently odd examples from the same page, beginning with the trapped/wrapped/mapped thing.  You’ll note I am a frequent user of ….   and very large **s for emphasis  in my notes/diagrams.    I know perfectly well who Nik Krevitsky is or was, but can’t find any bio information on him.  I own a a copy of his book, ‘Stitchery’, 1967, which I bought in 1976 – which has always inspired me, but currently languishes unattended back in Perth W. Australia.   But as for the rest of that note, perhaps it should read ‘wrapped carrots’ or even ‘trapped carrots’ – though goodness knows, it is my own handwriting!

wrapped carrots blog

Moving right along, this next snippet really tells me a lot in these two words ‘fungal frills’ which might sound odd to you !

fungal frills for blog

“Fungal frills’ is a good example of how a list or a note on a page is my shorthand for a great deal of information, reminding me of a photo I took of fungus growing on a tree trunk we passed walking in an arboretum in MD, USA mid last year.  It wasn’t their subdued colour but the delicacy they presented, with none of the ‘frills’ being over about 1″/2cm max wide.  Lacey and lovely, of course not ‘holey’ though:

fungus frills growing blog

Following that I returned here and fiddled with nylon organza frills cut on the bias and not edged …  but I was underwhelmed, because they were boring to me, and won’t show them to you – not worth the effort of digging them out, photographing and tweaking the pics for this page.   Just take it on faith that those samples are in the sophisticated storage retrieval system I have for samples (unsorted in a box on my lower bookshelf ) But even writing this  paragraph made me think of another possible approach ….

Back to the carrots thing, though ….  I really do know what it refers to, though whether they’re trapped or mapped I can’t decide and it doesn’t matter really.  Back in the mid ’80’s I did a large wall panel of 3-d crocheted cups/tubes, like barnacles, with wrapped, um, stalks, or carrots if you like, protruding from them and attaching to the panel below the cluster of tubes.  They’re on my mind – and other holey things including what I’ve shown from this page are all being revisited as I take a closer look at something that has always intrigued me – ‘holes’ and the interesting textures they can lead to. 

2 Responses to “Trapped Carrots – Really?”

  1. Wendy says:

    trapped/mapped/wrapped cards?

  2. alison says:

    No, it really is ‘carrots’ Wendy 🙂 although I can see why you suggest the other.

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