Inspiring Pathway – Lines of Stones

While in Denver recently I spent some hours enjoying the Denver Botanic Gardens – and since our daughter works there in the research lab, I saw rather more than the everyday visitor does. But out in the garden itself there is a great deal to enjoy and marvel at, such as this pathway in one corner of the garden

DBG pathway



It brought to mind one of my own quilts, Desert Tracks 5, 2007.  Approx 1.4m  x 1m

DesertTracks 5

DesertDetail copy detail

Grey leathers on a pistachio sandy coloured fabric, hand quilted.

I’m not in the same league as this artist, Sue Lawty , one of my favourites.  Browing her name you’ll find many images for her inspiring use of linear patterns, in stones and otras cosas.

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  1. Pat Findlay says:

    You have said that you don’t know who visits your blog. I do. I have it bookmarked and visit it regularly. I very much enjoy finding out where you find your inspiration and then imagining the mental process that results in the end product. You make it look so very simple, but I know it’s not. I blog irregularly and my blog is where I sort out my own artistic challenges. It is not my intent to build up a huge store of followers, but rather to have somewhere to express my joys and frustrations.

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