Irresistible – how I love glitter!

From the San Telmo B.A. markets last sunday ( and they were full of interesting stuff) -this set of twelve serviettes, silk damask fabric interwoven with silver metallic threads, rarely if ever used, and in a bundle tied up with an old silk ribbon.

I just love glitter, and these really appealed to me. Even when washed and ironed, if they aren’t miraculously absorbent (as is linen for example) they would never be as bad as the ghastly modern polyester or acrylic table cloths and servies many people and restuarants use nowadays. The secret behind their popularity is that they come in an amazing range of decorator colours, and of course, they wash and wear like, well, rags. Cotton, linen and other natural (absorbent) fibers require actual ironing – but are soooo much nicer to use. I’d almost rather have a piece of kitchen paper towel than a non-absorbent serviette/napkin. Come to think of it, we often do… Posted by Picasa

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