A little diversion from the hackwork of the current work was a bit of snipping and punching this small piece of leather today – the cutout piece is about 1″ square and the larger piece barely 3″ a side.

I can envisage a whole…..

But back to what I am working on, with reference to the previous photo the application of shapes is going well and should be finished today.
What is really helping to keep the mind interested while the repetitive work is proceeding is the recorded book “Collapse” by Jared Diamond. DH is currently reading th this fascinating book, we are both enthralled. He draws from current examples and on archeological records of disappeared civilisations in various parts of the world, examining the known or suspected reasons, (generally multiple) for their collapses. These provide us all with real food for thought when pondering the current dreadful state of the world; current fighting, the environmental degradation, soil erosion, air pollution, the uneven allocation and distribution of food, fuel and other resources among people and nations, and so on. Wealthy (greedy and unthinking) nations have most to fear as pressure builds behind the aspirations of consumers in rapidly developing nations, such as China. And yet, there is ground for much hope if only everyone understood what is going on, and if our leaders just led wisely. That seems too much to hope for, but I sitll have 2 more discs to listen to…. Posted by Picasa

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