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Detail of my latest quilt, finished just before I headed off up to the US to help DD move house. and while there in colorado I had the latest quilts photographed by Deidre Adams, who I am happy to say did a great job for me.

Now that I am back with two weeks of family working/visiting and absolutely nothing textile related behind me, I am raring to go with the next ideas I have to continue this body of work. I spent today preparing the fabric background for the next one – I stitch in guide lines which later come out – I use gutermans’ Skala in grey – a multi filament polyester thread that is very easy to just pull out later) and I also did a fair bit of silver waxing various pieces of black leather ( in the pic here, the leathers directly above and to the left of the bright gold have been waxed over with metallic gold – and I just love the subdued effect counterfoiling the more brassy golds) I have found some black leathers with different textures, and they produce nice varied textures to be included along with the lovely grey suede which has wet-looking blobs scattered on it – it begged me to take it off the shelf last time I was in Australia and I have been thinking about it, over under round and through, these past 6 months. Today was the day to cut and start doing something with it. There will be silvery grey thread quilting as far as I can tell from this end of the project, and the back ground fabric I was thrilled to find in the US last week, a kind of mustardy-pistachio greeny-yellow – perhaps greyed-down canola kind of colour. Sort of lufthansa/commonwealth bank of australia colour scheme…. but totally different shapes for the repeat pattern this time. Photos eventually – my policy being to never show an entire quilt until it has been either sold or successfully juried in to an exhibition of major importance somewhere. Posted by Picasa

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  1. pam annesley says:

    I’ve been following you use of leather and like it!!!!!!!!

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