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My regular readers know I think the most appropriate statement is a nifty, brief, thought provoking title.  Very occasionally though, one of mine (Wedding Quilt, from  Colour Memories gallery, or the Ebb&Flow gallery’s   “Maelstrom”)  will have a particular statement/story alongside the full image; but I prefer not to say too much so viewers individually perceive and interpret my work.   Anyway, that’s one kind of statement, the  brief, minimalist one   

The other kind of statement is a general one, part relevant biographical information and part insight into inspiration behind designs and use of particular materials and techniques. What can be tricky, however, is how much to say, what to include and leave out, whether to write in the first person (my preference) or the third person which feels formal and starchy to me since I am pretty casual – you can tell by the way I write!   And, then too, the purpose of the statement is highly relevant: will it go on a didactic panel in an exhibition, and is that group or solo?  Will it go in some catalogue? Will this statement be part of a submission of some kind, and if so, who will read it?  Is it to be an intro to my website or blog for example?  Or is it one people can find up online if they google me – and there’s a bag of worms for sure. 

Right now I am tweaking a version of my general artist statement to include in an online exhibition of my work as a featured PAM (professional artist member) of Studio Art Quilt Associates     I’ll post when my month comes up as I don’t know which it is, yet.  Every day it seems, I have to do something of this nature related to exhibiting , teaching or publishing quilt-related activity and frequently marvel at how relatively easy all this is with computers.   


Just the other day some event organisers in Brasil wanted photos of works my students would be making at the   Patchwork and Quilting Festival, Buenos Aires March 2010    for their promotional material.    

Students in the beginner freehand rotary cut patchwork class will learn the basic techniques to enable them to make designs like this, or others such as “Green Island” or “Wedding quilt” in the Colour Memories gallery on my website.


The advanced class will learn techniques enabling quilters to make this kind of quilt pattern by freehand patchwork, or others such as ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Western Desert’ in the Colour Memories gallery on my website.


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  1. Susanne says:

    I’m confused….Buenos Aires is in Argentina. Are students coming from Brasil for your workshop? (I just got back from a visit to Brasil, so it is fresh in my mind). I love the design, BTW.


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