New Year Resolution #2

Wished I had my camera when I found this pair of sacrificed chickens near the water's edge on the beach this morning.

OK – that’s it, I am forced to announce a second resolution – from now on the little digital camera is going with me on my walks with the dog –  there is always something of interest and although I may not post it every day, I plan to take at least one pic per day.

Today I almost took that camera.  Silly me – because now I can only post the above drawing from memory and tell you in words what I saw.  The two offered  1/3 grown chickens lay on beds of corn/rice/beans, on styrofoam trays, chicken feathers protruding from each side; and these assemblies lay on flattened supermarket bags placed on the wet sand.  They’d presumably been placed near the receding water’s edge, some time before dawn I imagine.  Must get down there earlier ….

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  1. catsmum says:

    to be honest Alison, I’m rather glad that you didn’t have the camera with you this morning.
    Your sketch is a fabulous way to document what you saw … and I suspect that a full colour photo of the carcasses would just have made me feel squeamish.

    and thanks for visiting my blog – otherwise I would possibly not have found yours. I had no idea that you’d moved to South America. How wonderful !

  2. Alison says:

    And the nest day I did grab up my camera and would you believe the battery was flat …. ;-p

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