Nine Nines Are 81

Following the completion of the untitled new work hung in our own home last week , working further on this theme that has so pleased me, I decided I’d do a small 40cm piece using the same technique as one of two works I could enter for the Australia Wide exhibition, closing date some time in April. This neon thread is hard to photograph – but when I’ve done another piece or two, I’ll contact my photographer here and arrange a photo shoot along with several others I finished off late last year. All of Uruguay is on holiday at the moment, indeed half Montevideo has decamped to the coastal fringes and the interior, so assuming Eduardo is on holidays, I’ll wait awhile.

I haven’t set my mind on a title yet but it is revolving around 81 – nine squared.
Detail of untitled 81 – the neon thread is hard to photograph, but I love the way it sits up slightly proud of the surface

On my mind for the next creations are a few things – this brooch:

But first, this ceramic brooch I bought at an art fair ~30 years ago. I love the randomly placed strips, and of course I love black+gold. If I ever break it I’ll mend it and keep using it – kintsugi style.

and a couple of samples I did in the SAQA 100 Day Reboot challenge that I’d like to expand on in some way:

This intriguing one, using a stencil I still have. The paint was a bit runny, so hence the halo effect. Gold would be nice …..
A Log Cabin variation, hand stitched; to some this may not seem very exciting, but I see a lot of interesting potential here.
Samples are like shorthand notes and these are some favourites from the 100 days project. Looking at their best stretched over a hard surface, a few may not look as good on the more relaxed surface of a wall quilt.

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