New Work Installed

Though I rarely hang my own works in our home, this one I really do want to have where I can see it every day. A couple of days ago I installed it in the downstairs loo, which is so small it is hard to photograph in that location.

As all the ‘straight’ lines were eyeballed only, things required a bit of fudging now and then – in this example, the lower left corner needed a couple of infill quilting lines, and on the lower edge another line needed to be started just below that bottom group of squares, just right of centre.

If you’ve been following the occasional posts of this one, you’ll remember the silk organza squares were fused into place and then hand stitched with heavy duty nylon thread, which would not lie flat against the fabric, even with ironing. The result was a slightly raised texture even before the quilting began. I used a very thin polyester batting that was about 1/8inch thick, no idea what brand it was.

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