Very Small Pieces, 9

I can hardly believe we’re nearly half way through the SAQA 100 Days Reboot project, in which participants undertake to produce a small part of an over all project (of their own design) and post a daily pic with/without information on it. My goal is exploring textures in fabric and hand stitch, so far meaning mostly short to very long straight stitches, plus one or two samples with Y, stem, back and a few french knots.

That we are half way along is evidenced by my growing bunch of small mounted samples resembling a collection of mismatched drink coasters 🙂 Rather than having trouble coming up with ideas, I’m finding each one generates at least one more idea or variation. Also, as usual, sample making teaches the maker various things: some have showed there’s an easier way to do something than my original approach. Some will/should make interesting larger works, and others clearly have no future at all.

Stencil making done 2+ weeks back gave some reasonably blah results, partly because the paint was a bit watery and bled before drying:

I didn’t ditch them, but I did just turn my attention elsewhere. I must have been thinking about them, though, because this past week I came back to these with some interesting results:

Result of cut away and roughly oversewing the raw edges of this group from the upper right sector of the above pic.
Hand stitching over shapeless blobs resulting too watery paint – lower right sector.
Stitch patterning over blobs (upper left) was so fiddly at this scale that I felt free to abandon it before completion as this particular sample was going nowhere.

I have no idea yet what I’ll do with the 4th stencil, but might re-use it on the same fabric with variations in colour, or something. There’s no rush.

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