Inspiration In The Art Of Others

Being a stitcher, I see stitch ideas in many places, and sometimes those inspirations are in the work of other artists working in different media to any of the ones I use. Here are a couple of my favourite examples:

If I were a weaver, I’d definitely want to do a workshop with Sara Brennan, because, as I wrote back in 2014 her work was focused on the meeting points of shapes, the lines and edges formed between zones of colour and texture in nature, and where these are complex they are interesting and she incorporates those into her weaving. It’s not that I want to learn to weave, it is that from what she writes I’m sure I’d find a lot to take away in how she draws and makes marks in thread.

Left – My sample of fused organza over machine sewn seam.
Right – an image of a SARA BRENNAN work from her Horizons series.

Sara Brennan wrote in 2017 “I work from a series of drawings and paintings, often repeatedly exploring the translation of a surface or mark into tapestry….”

Another artist whose art prompts me to consider areas of colour and texture in them is the Australian watercolourist Laura Horn. Many of her water colour pieces feature patterns of lines and tiny shapes applied with a fine brush or marker pen:

Laura Horn – watercoloured shapes with applied lines and texture patterns.

Laura used this wonderful example to publicise one of her many online tutorials and classes in painting with water colours. To me they suggest fused organza with over stitched patterns OR pieces of organza marked with permanent pen which are then fused to the background.

This week Shelley Rhodes’ Stitch Club workshop project is requiring us to look at shapes in Nature and Landscape very carefully with view to incorporating such lines and shapes into our stitched homework, and I’ll be trying the potential of both possibilities in my next group of samples.

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