SAQA Benefit Auction Starts 2pm EDT Tomorrow, September 10th.

The annual SAQA Benefit online auction kicks off tomorrow at 2pm EDT (USA) This year’s 470 pieces made and donated by members can be seen here Every one of these 470 12″ sq pieces will be on sale for $1000 from 2pm on Friday 10th through the Diamond Days up until 1.00pm EDT Monday 13th. After that, at 2pm that day, the first 1/3 of the unsold quilts will go up for bids starting at $750, with the price falling each day until the end of the week. If my work, #69, is not sold in the Diamond Days, it will be up in Group 3, from Sept.27th -Oct.3rd. At any time during the 3 week auction, any quilt can be bought for $1000, you don’t need to wait for its group to come up.

To find how this all works, and see the FAQs about the process go to this link

You do not need to be a member of SAQA to bid – our collectors include many people who are not makers themselves. Anyone anywhere in the world can bid in real time once you have registered with the Handbid auction platform. Registering does not commit you to bid on anything, but it does mean that if you do see something you want, your bid can go straight in – and it’s first in best dressed on Diamond Days! But also, every day as the price comes down there’s a rush on popular pieces from people who’ve gambled on getting away with waiting until that new price takes effect …

“Pandemic Pattern #2” is my contribution to the 2021 SAQA Benefit Auction.

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