Very Small Pieces, 2

I’m continuing to make small samples in the SAQA 100 Days Reboot Challenge, and at the moment I’m exploring some stitch textures and presenting them as 3.25inch squares mounted on recycled foam core, as per the plan I outlined just before it started.

The challenge is a private group on Facebook, but from time to time I’m posting some of the images here. So far so good. On Day 9, Tuesday of this week, I posted this gold dot on black patches with orange neon stitching:

Fused black/gold pin dot shapes with neon orange stitchery.

This next one I made and posted on Day 10, yesterday. I also have several others waiting in the wings, so fingers crossed I can keep up the momentum and remain a few ahead, not that there’s any stress over it as I was going to be exploring anyway – but it would be nice to get to the end in early November having achieved the 100 posts on time.

Fused fabrics, glittery on top of the sheer, metallic hand stitch.

I’m particularly pleased with this one, because before I worked out what stitching to add to the fused shapes, it looked rather boring. There’s a lot of exciting potential, both at this delicate scale and at something larger.

Talking of ‘larger’ my floor frame is nearing completion, but needing another adjustment, which probably won’t happen until next week…. but that’s OK, because I’m doing a lot of auditioning while thinking about which larger project to work on first.

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