Pandemic Pattern 5

A huge number of stemmed french knots and hand quilted cross stitches later, yesterday I called it a day once the binding was machine sewn. I love the last stages – in this case of folding back the french binding and hand stitching it down, adding the sleeve and signing the work, all of which I will finish today. I hope my next photo of this quilt will be announcing it’s acceptance into the important art quilt exhibition I’m about to enter it into 🙂

Pandemic Patterns applique in process. The leather shapes represent coffins.

It’s now time to contact my wonderful photographer Eduardo and set up an appointment for this one, Pandemic Patterns 4, 3 and another small work I made late last year all in greens. That one I thought I might send to New Zealand until I realised ordinary airmail postage wouldn’t get it there in time; and it wasn’t ‘important enough’ to send by Fedex. Still, green is my favourite colour, and I’m seriously thinking of gifting it to someone I have in mind.

While I mull over my next pandemic work, I plan to experiment with some textural sample making in a ‘new’ to me material. Wanting small amounts of some high visibility fabric, flouro colours – I went to a store someone recommended, and they did have some wonderful hectic orange, bright pink and yellow-green. It’s ripstop nylon, the stuff they use for hi-vis safety clothing for road workers and the like – perfect – but they would only sell a 10m cut. The price was 90pesos per metre, which is almost exactly US$2.00 at the moment, so I bit the financial bullet and bought 10m, paying considerably less than I’d been quoted. That store also has some fabulous flouro/neon threads in colours I don’t have but finer – and considerably smaller cones than the 1500m ones I imported a few months ago!!! So I have some ideas, anyway, and still the notion of aposematism is bumping around in my mind.


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