Green’s My Favourite Colour

On FB recently I saw an announcement about a colour challenge with the Aeteoroa Quilters of NZ, and it is open to non members anywhere around the world. Although challenges are in effect themed exhibitions, and I don’t normally work to other people’s themes, unless they tie in with my own work, but green is my favourite colour, plus I happen to have some fabrics that I think qualify as ‘lime green’, so I think I’ll have a go. Yesterday I did a sample to see whether I need to work on a light or dark, the jury’s still out on that.

This first sample is very yellowy, so I tried out a green thread that isn’t lime BUT sewn over yellowy colours and that makes the whole unit sort of ‘read’ as lime. Further stitching showed that greens oversewed with this flouro green/yellow look more ‘lime’ too. So food for thought, but if I go further, this will not be the pattern.

I’m procrastinating a bit – the water and the land textures of the tiny landscapes piece need attention; I’m thinking about making a very large new piece to go on our dining room wall – which would need to be 1.25m wide and at least 1.25 long…. and not sure how to manage something so big with the hand stitch I’m so focused on at the moment 🙂 🙂

Other procrastination activity this week included tidying up my work table, and putting pens and markers, scissors, bobbins, thimbles, needles and similar collections of important sewing notions into those clear plastic containers that our cereal, nuts and some salads come in. The wonderful thing is they’re stackable and totally see through.

Work space can easily be expanded behind and left of the machine.

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