3D Inspirations 3

At the end of the first week of Clarissa Callesen’s workshop I finished off this first form. It’s changed it a bit from my first pinning in the previous post I added pouffs of fussy cut dotty sections some fabric in lovely Australian desert colours, tufts of a 2mm paper ribbon and french knots.

Stitched sculptural form ~15cm x 6cm

A couple of days ago I took up a crochet hook, and, thinking about couching, made samples to explore crocheting a few cords and ribbons for effect. Across the top is crocheted leather thonging. Below, at left is the paper ribbon, in the centre a fine thread that I have a whole cone of I bought yearas ago at a surface design conference but discovered at home it is impossible to sew with (it’s probably a weaving thread) At the right is a very shiny woven ribbon.

The second video for in depth enrichment, went live this morning, showing us several ways to add found objects (I love the idea of covering stones with antique textile or lace) and suggesting more of what I already discovered of the potential to use the sheer quality of fabric (panty hose !!!) with objects between the fibrefill and fabric – (see gold thread under the sheer in the previous post) You can tell that I’ve found this to be a very inspirational workshop 🙂

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