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With all that’s been going on in the world with this dreadful pandemic, I’d quite forgotten I entered into Ozquilt Network Inc’s biennial AW7, and so wasn’t biting my nails waiting for the jurying result notification that arrived in my inbox this morning a few days earlier than the organisers said to expect it. One of my two entries, Regeneration 2, was selected – which I’m very pleased about, but I had to check the entry form to find out which was which of two quilts I named “Regeneration” – #1 and #2 – I wouldn’t want to send off the wrong one 😉

Detail “Regeneration 1” Detail “Regeneration 2”

Regeneration 1 combines machine stitched bonded applique with hand stitched detail (grass) and Regeneration 2 was of miniature landscapes stitched totally by hand. I have always loved hand stitch, and this year I am feeling more focused on it, as you can see going back through my last few posts. By the time I made #2 I had taken the first Stitch Club workshop with Merill Cumeau from which I was inspired to add a band of freehand straight stitches around the border.

Looking through the record reminded me that the standard of photography, mine, is not nearly as good as I usually submit. Because when entries closed we were still in the early weeks of the pandemic, I was a bit nervous to visit my wonderful photographer, Eduardo Baldizan, so we have a bit of catch up photography to do sometime before #2 goes off for exhibition. I’ll post a better pic when I get it, but honestly, I am a bit amazed it made the cut …

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  1. Maureen says:

    Well done
    Both quilts look great
    Yes hand stitching is lovely I am one of those hand stitch binding sort of girls
    Hand stitched mini quilts are cute too

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