Lines, Marks, Stitches, 2

Adhesive backed strips (L) gave smooth edges. Hand basted strips (R) gave frayed edges

Contrary to my expectations, I found I like the frayed version better. So in the past couple of weeks I’ve been working out how to work a complete work using this technique. I’m currently doing a 40cm x 40cm as a ‘sample’ on black – love the rich look of colour+gold stitch on black. The linear shapes are another of my favourite constructions, ie. strings of fabric scraps pieced to form a line, in the Ebb & Flow style motif I often reference:

  • Note the machine basting down the centre of each strip – of course it will be removed all the oversewing’s completed. I was so obsessed with hand stitch it took me a while to come up with this blindingly obvious time saving solution 🙂 and once I did a large work seemed perfectly feasible.
  • Joining the gold thread – I decided visible knots on the front of the work, as they add to the frayed thread textured edges.
  • One of my most valued pieces of sewing equipment, this blue hoop works with a spring loaded metal ring which expands to fit inside the groove on the inner edge of the blue plastic. I’m using it upside down so that nothing catches my thread as I sew. The working surface is only 15cm diameter, but it is so quick to release and move along a bit, it’s a breeze. I had a look online just now and machine embroidery hoops come in all shapes and sizes, and all look much more complicated, apparently designed to fit in one specific machine. This ring works with every machine, and when used the right way up sits flush with the sewing table. I bought it in an Elna shop 40+ years ago. I definitely need a hoop for this work – tried it without but it is just too slow, and this small one works really well.
  • The sewing is very calming and satisfying – a perfect project for these turbulent times. Based on what I’ve done so far, I estimate coverage of this kind over 40cm x 40cm will total approximately 12 – 15 hours. That makes it reasonable to consider doing a much larger work with dimensions of 1-2m.
  • And yes, with these colours and gold, this is definitely a landscape quilt, no working title at the moment though.
  • In different fabrics, with different threads in the stitched oversewing, totally different look will result. Very exciting potential that I feel is a natural follow-on from what I’ve been doing for so long. Making samples always pays off, eventually.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Interesting technique…um…resembles earthworms…just sayin’!

  2. Gloria Ronalds says:

    love how you speak about your process!
    What is the adhesive backed fabric?
    Do you apply the adhesive or does it come like that?
    this is all pretty NEW to me

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