Pandemic Treat Workshop – Emily Tull

Well that was fun! Today I finished the workshop assignment – three sets of lips using the straight stitch in a set of tones of the one colour to represent the lips in a 3D manner, if possible! Emily Tull made it look so easy.

I took quite a few pics and eventually chose these three, which Mike says are pretty typical, and stitched these three sets of lips:

It got easier with practice, and I think my effort compares fairly well with other people’s posted within the last few days.

There are two live Q&A sessions tomorrow – the first very early in the morning, for which I plan to rise and be in the front of the computer by 6am Montevideo time. The other will be at noon local time. If I don’t make it to either of them, they’re recorded and available to dip into later.

I’m trying to think of an interesting question to ask … You always learn something from every workshop teacher, even the ones you don’t think you’ll pursue in the future, because you never know when something you learned waaaay way back will pop up and be just what you need, sometimes many years later.

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