Pandemic Treat Workshops, Week 2

Today I finished the workshop project for week 2, (last week) with teacher Merill Comeau.

The red hibiscus in our front garden was what I used to design the collage below
Approx 10″ x 12″ piece of clear plastic on which I worked the collage of a red hibiscus.

The suggested background for the collage was tulle or net, but I’m glad I found this plastic in my stash and decided to use it. I found it far easier to work with than I irrationally thought it might be. I’ll add a couple of grommets in the upper corners and hang as a sun catcher kind of thing at a window somewhere, although sadly there are security bars across each window in the house. This will not be the last time I use this plastic – though floral motifs might not be the design I work on it.

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