Aftermath 2

My entry for the Vision:2020 exhibition was not successful, unfortunately. Never mind. I believe in the refusees list I’d be in some very good company, as this attracted a lot of interest.

FUTUREWATCH 2020 50cmx50cm
Despite the photo, my own, it really is square.

Of course we have already donated money and certainly will again, but I would like to try to sell this artwork and donate all proceeds to our preferred relief organisation working to assist people affected by this disaster. I think it would look stunning in a modern home or office. It would declare the owner’s commitment to preserving and conserving our natural environment, supporting mitigation of effects of changing climate with innovative technologies and processes applicable especially to the Australian continent, though heaven knows, this is not a one-continent issue. Any collector interested in buying this art quilt, please contact me through this website, email me directly, or message me through Facebook.

There are lots of local organisations assisting in bushfire relief efforts, but from this distance we felt it best to give money to a large nationally recognised charity. For one thing, the fires have occured in almost every state. We know many organisations have become overwhelmed by clothing and food donations that people have sent in and dropped off at the door. It’s interesting to read how much of volunteers’ time this takes to catalogue, store and distribute, whereas cash can be immediately placed or spent directly on what is needed and where it’s most needed. If you would like to donate, lists of organisations include the Australian Red Cross, Saint Vincent de Pauls, The Salvation Army and can be found easily by searching online, or go to a major daily newspaper, like The Australian for good information.

Some good news from parts of regional Australia this week is that some fire affected areas have received some rain. Not nearly enough to put out all the fires, but some are now out, some others really slowed down, but there are still some out of control. As rain clears and temperatures rise again, some smouldering trees and tussocks will become active fires again. Nowhere has the rain been strong enough yet to break the prolonged drought that has ravaged much of the country; that is not expected until at least April at the earliest. Water falling on some burned areas is running off rather than soaking in, leading to other problems including some local flash flooding in some areas. A land of fires drought and flooding rains indeed.


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