A Couple Of Loose Ends

Happy New Year to Everyone! Yesterday I found on the list of posts on my dashboard, a couple labelled ‘draft’ which I needed to publish or ditch.

The first was “Searching for Colour Extras” and with a title like that, clearly I had something meaningful to say on wednesday 11th December last. Maybe I was interrupted by breaking news (there’s so much ‘breaking news’ these days) Perhaps someone came to the door. Possibly one of the offsprings phoned and took my mind off on another track completely. I might have had a Christmas shopping online idea for one of our nearest and dearests. Anyway, a month later, with not a word of text beneath the headling, it now means absolutely nothing to me, so I trashed it and moved on. I’m still wondering though … sigh.

Things were a bit complicated in August through October last year, and though I posted fairly regularly, I overlooked this one from August 9th and, because it was a brief review of an exhibition “Birds In The Head” which I really enjoyed here in Montevideo, I finished and published it yesterday. It includes some notes and pics about one of the more fabulous C19 buildings here, originally a home for a wealthy family, now repurposed as a museum. Montevideo is a city full of wonderful old buildings from all eras. Well, the 50s and 60s examples are much like anywhere else, mostly plain and utilitarian compared to the architectural styles of the first half of C20.

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