New Bed Quilt, 3

About 1/3 of the number required are now done. As you just can’t tell until there’s a mass of them whether something that stands out as problematic early on is still annoying in the very large number the final number 180 will include a few extras.

In this first very early pinup version, the arrows on the top row point the opposite way to those on the next, row, and so on. This is one possibility, but there are other layout alternatives pictured below, with comments.

As more colours are added in, still all on the citrus-to-strong blues spectrum, the colour scheme becomes richer and more interesting. Colours are echoed in hand dyes and prints, and I’m loving it. The next two pics are layout alternatives, auditions if you like. So far the first, above, is still my preferred choice.

Layout alternative 2 – Four blocks grouped with arrows all meeting in the centre…. and this is great, until you consider the next group, which is inevitable if this layout is chosen:

Layout alternative 3 – I’d have to lay out lots of these to see if they work well in a large number. A consequence of every pair of blocks being cut freehand is that, as they’re all different, where they meet can look a bit jarring just now. But maybe that won’t matter in the grand scheme, so I’m cool and flexible at this stage!

Other possibilities exist, such as this next one. A couple of simpler but related blocks were made and added in. What I have only just noticed in writing this post is that in the lower left hand corner another possibility suggests itself, and I need to test that with a bunch of blocks –

One thing I could do, with or without either of the above alternatives, is to make some different blocks on the same theme and insert them here and there for variety. I did only 2 which is why they’re the same (See basic construction notes on cutting shapes to fit.)

Another possibility is that blocks could be grouped with triangle shapes in the middle and the blocks bordered and sashed – hmmmm.

Border each group of 4 with the background fabric. I’m not suggesting sashing would actually be this wide – I’m just using offcuts to get the idea of the effect. As I might be running a bit short of background at the end, I’m not keen to cut more than I have to just to play! I’m keeping ALL offcuts, just in case I need to cobble together a few shapes from small scraps!

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