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As I said the other day, I’m working on a re-design of my website, though it is more correct to say that the technical work is being done by the wonderful team at Gloderworks who built this now 10 y.o. website. The current background is based on Timetracks 1, which began the Tracks series, and led to some new thinking about my art. It reflects where I was then, just as did my first (19 years ago) and subsequent sites. I still have some more rewriting to do, and choices to make on what I really want the website to convey.

I’ve been looking at other textile artists’ websites and blog pages in many different styles. There are lots of combinations of bio, cv, galleries, exhibition news, publications, class schedules, blogs, archives and most have a contact page. They range from very formal to madly, crazily, informal.  Some have plain white, black or other colour backgrounds.  Others have some kind of texture, subtle or bold, and some are so lively and full of visual stimuli that it’s hard to see the main focal point.   It might be an age thing, but I’m looking for something uncluttered, almost ‘minimalist’.

I spent much time yesterday looking at quilted works and some landscape pics in my photo files. I manipulated some of them in fairly faint pencil sketch mode so they are not intrusive, and compiled a file of about 15 possibles plus several hand drawn liney things that I’m thinking over.  However, thinking I was a bit clever, saving these as very faint B/W pencil sketches when I put some of these up to show you, they looked just too severely washed out of colour, and rather boring, so I’ve just left a couple for the record, and it looks like an afternoon of a fresh round of manipulate+saves coming up!






It’s time for some lunch!









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