This pic shows some of the same fabrics in different positions on the quilt, since the colours vary som much from the top to the bottom it is as important for it to be compatible up top as doqwn on the lower part.

It is possible, and in at least one quilt,”Western Desert” 1991, I did actually bind it in such a way that the binding that changes colour according to which part of the quilt it is binding (in the case of Western Desert it was every 4″) but this is not appropriate in this case – the client requested a binding. and I am interpreting this as some kind of linear definition which would not be as pronounced with one that changes colours as it goes around the edge…. so that possibility is dismissed.

In this pic, the spotty one along the lower edge shows strongly positive, it is emerging as a favourite. Although the purple on the right is a match to a sliver in the quilt, I think it is just too predictable, a little boring, but very safe. Interestingly the hot tomato pink I had previously dismissed out of hand ( how could I have so much left over? etc ) is still in there, IMHO.

And the fine strip along the top right edge is looking OK, but when compared with the spot with varigated background, I don’t think ‘does enough’ . Posted by Picasa

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