English Paper Piecing or EPP

I’d seen this abbreviation a bit lately and had to look it up as I had no idea what it meant.  If you don’t know hexagons, (hexies) and other shapes by EPP, you can easily learn.

This is my then-decades old project in 2006 – I’m getting closer to finishing now, just a couple more rows of cream hexies and that will be enough for a decent size bed quilt.  Someone mentioned in a post today how thrilled they were to discover hexies, as apart from the crisp shapes we all love, the portability of a few paper and fabric shapes, a needle, thimble and thread in your handbag or pocket helps keep hands busy while waiting for kids or others.  It’s relaxing and therefore quite therapeutic I feel.  Any simple geometric shape can be EPPed as long as the sides match in length – there are lots of patterns built from basic geometric shapes here and elsewhere on the net  – http://tinyurl.com/zpd8wwr.  and in addition you can do clamshell patterns, too. There’s a class at the IQF in Houston today on this very subject, though I thought the fabric chosen for the sample not entirely appropriate.

Here’s a link on how to EPP –  http://www.thezenofmaking.com/2013/06/tutorial-english-paper-piecing-hexies-part-1/  with step by step instructions.  The requirements and process are simple.   I learned from my friend Heather Stewart of Launceston Tas, one-time hexagon queen of Australia, who did not use the glue step and neither do I – quite unnecessary imho.  So if you’ve a mind to join what feels like a growing wave of popularity, grab a few of your many scraps and have a go.  You could be easily hooked in no time.

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