Land Marks


A detail of one of the Land Marks quilts I entered into Quilt National, none of which were accepted which’s Life of course. The silvery bits are that wonderful nylon backed silvery mylar fabric, and the black markings are hand drawn. The snipped segments are machine sewn with invisible thread onto a layer of mock patent leather backed with some nylon organza.  When I fused the layers it all wrinkled – a fabulous effect even if a bit unexpected 🙂

Just as well I had a real push to get these pieces finished to at least the ‘photography stage’ and submit my entries unusually early for me.  My recent hip replacement turned into much more of a drama than I expected – I had a normal op returning home after a few days.  But a week later I’d developed an infection, and then after becoming more sick thanI ever remember they found my body was rebelling against the strong iv antibiotic I was on.  So blood transfusions, change the antibiotics and go to oral, and monitor, monitor, monitor – for another 9 days in hospital.  I’m home now, feeling a bit more normal each day but still not eating well – and I’m losing weight which at the moment suits me just fine as I have plenty of extra and summer’s coming up – but I do not recommend this way to ‘diet’ !

While I was laid up I was asked to consider devising a challenge for the Ozquilt members online group, so I did and that will appear on the page around mid january.    This  feels like a good time to get out the old hexagon project and do some more on that.  The weather’s foul and the friend Suzie who’s staying with us is industriously smocking – and talking of course, so I think I could be stitching ditto 🙂  We’ve watched several movies including Emma, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy and one or two less impactful ones.  I’m way behind with Pinterest browsing but will get a bit of that each day from now on and bring something interesting to my readers – there’s such a lot going on out there.  I’m glad to be able to re-focus on matters textilian again.



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  1. Paula says:

    Lovely piece, I sure would like to see it in person. Looks like a great deal of detail. So glad to hear that you are on the mend.

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