SAQA 2017 Trunk Show Sample

Members are making and  preparing to submit 10″ x 7″ samples for the SAQA 2017 Trunk Show  (these little pieces are way too small to call  ‘an art quilt’, in my opinion!)  The purpose of the trunk show is to share/spread technical information and inspiration by way of these samples, on the back of which will be quite a bit of information provided by each artist.  Several hundred are expected based on previous trunk shows, and they will be divided into groups of about 40 to tour for 3 years, including being available for hiring out to groups.  After that time some will be selected to add to SAQA’s permanent collection.  They have no set theme, but may be of a any technique used in art quilt making, can explore new ideas including materials, or may also be by a technique or style with which the artist is familiar.   Items in the collection will be in plastic sleeves so people can handle and really look closely at them.   Touring schedules and hiring information will be posted on through from early next year.

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This untitled 10″x 7″sample uses many of the materials and all the techniques of a much larger work entitled ‘Land Marks’  2016,
and it is possible there will be further works in this series.

I’d certainly like my offering to be added to the permanent collection.  This sample is on grey metallic finished leather backed with nylon organza, coated with silver sparkle glue.  Silver mylar backed nylon hand patterned with permanent marker pen was cut into slices arranged in a loose grid format, and sewn on to the leather base using very fine clear nylon thread.  The edge is defined with a single line of silver machine stitching, which, see my previous post, was a bit awkward to do because of the springy nature of the thread, but hey, it was only about 33″ of hand/machine sewing.

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