Motorised Shopping Trolley?

Returning home through a part of the city unfamiliar to me, but which apparently DH passes through regularly on the way to and from a government office where he gets maps and mining information, we came across this wonderful little delivery vehicle parked outside its supermarket on the corner. As luck would have it my camera was in my bag.

There are lots of these in Montevideo, very popular for supermarket deliveries especially, although a well known pool servicing firm uses them and these are a sight I do mean to capture on er, pixel, one day, with the long handled mesh strainer scooop thing plus other equipment tied to the luggage rack on the top.

Anyway I think this one is perhaps the most beautiful and certainly the wittiest I have seen. The contents of the grocery cart are all actual brand names that the supermarket would carry – I wonder is this an adversiters’ sponsored paint job? the quirky appearance of the UR corner of this photo is due not to fancy photoshop editing but a white trim on the building on that side of the street – I decided not to change anything, quite liking the quirky appearance of this photo.

Eat your heart out, Mr Bean !

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