In Transit Back to ‘Normal’ Life

Since I last posted I have been on the move, busily attending to mostly business matters in Perth Western Australia. When I return to Montevideo next week I will upload some pictures, including a new ‘folly’ / bizarre piece of architecture I saw in one place – some pics and comments regarding a couple of textile exhibitions visited while in Perth, and several other things.

Every now and then when I am travelling I am struck by the detatched nature of being somewhere in transit and not actually connected to any thing or anyone around you just for that time. It can be some overheard snippet of conversation (eg over the back fence one night in Perth, our neighbours’ young we haveing a party – barbie going, drinks flowing freely and music actually not very noisy and rather to my liking, so no complaints – just listening was fascinating: “… she is really hot, you know?…. he had hickies all up one side of his neck …. seriously, I haven’t had sex for three months … what are you two doing over there, not kissing are you? … and so on and so on. Even these young things were also talking property and money – the whole of Perth is yabbering about these things on daily basis as they weather the effects of the giant resources boom in Western Australia right now. My, how those kids have grown up over the last few years since we spent any time in our house in Perth, but mature? ….
It can also be triggered by seeing something that seems out of place and that may be so or not. I’m sure these were out of place – the pair of nice navy women’s shoes in a clear plastic bag lying where they dropped, in the middle of a crosswalk between the Brisbane Airport and the station for the Airtrain. As I paused and briefly considered picking them up and handing them in as lost propertly, I realised that even as I did so someone might be frantically back-tracking to try to find them and walk right past me: and then there was the question as to which side should I hand them in seeing as how they were about half way between rail and runway so to speak. All that seemed to indicate to me to leave them right where they were. And I found that decision to be right for me just then, but oddly unsettling as being not at all characteristic of how I would have dealt with the discovery in some other place/time. Just one of the unexpected snippets that can happen while ‘in transit’

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