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I love Pinterest, and have several boards of things that interest me, and if you’re curious, you can browse through those here

For the uninitiated, Pinterest is exactly like a scrap book that you build for yourself online.  You set it up with your own ID etc and then you can browse around whatever you’re interested in and ‘pin’ anything you want to keep.  To get you started, Pinterest suggests about 40 broad interest categories, from recipes to gardening, tattoos to renovation ideas, acrylic fingernails to textile arts, and much, much more, limited only by your own interests or imagination.   Once you start finding things you like and pinning/saving them onto your own boards, Pinterest keeps sending you boards and pins by other pinners that they think you’ll like – sometimes great but they’re also often waaaay off!   You can even have a couple of secret boards, hidden from public view, but I can’t imagine why one would need that.  I have 11 boards and though I’ve saved one or two recipes and a few particular artists, mostly I am interested in design, texture, contemporary embroidery, fibre and textile art in general, so my 11 boards mostly relate to those things.  I have learned about some exciting contemporary artists whose work probably would otherwise have remained unknown to me, and enjoy following a pin with a visit to their website if they have one.

I have found it interesting when following other pinners’ pins, that people who really share interest on certain things I choose do tend to be fairly focused; they don’t pin every gorgeous thing they see online but select something special, meaningful.  By contrast I’ve come across people with many thousands of pins on hundreds of boards – and really, how does one keep track of all that?   And, I’ve found with such people that a quick scroll down will produce a bewildering array of stuff I have no interest in, so I back out quickly, there being so much more great stuff around.   I’ve noticed that <20 boards listed beside someone’s name, even if they’ve pinned several thousand pins, often points to a discerning, thoughtful pinner, and can be worth at least a look.

gold paint sample

I am covering the pieces of a black tetrahedron and plan gold paint+stitch on the surface, and this morning was looking for this little fabric sample in the box – another of my storage systems.  Unmounted, not named and without any notes on it, nevertheless it is part of my ‘scrapbook’ or morgue, too, just as Pinterest images are.  Enough – gold paint, thread and recorded book await me upstairs.

2 Responses to “Pinterest Patterns”

  1. Kathy says:

    I enjoy finding someone on Pinterest who has followed their passions, and they have 20 boards on one area, even when it doesn’t match my focu areas. Infinitely more interesting than people who seem to follow trends, or put more than 200 pins together into one board. I like to make new folders to find stuff like on my computer, so I have 200 boards

  2. Alison says:

    To find a board of many pins in something that interests me, I agree with you gives insight into the pinner’s focus and I find it likely to contain several things that grab me, and I sometimes follow a really exciting board. Currently my principle interest in pinning is clearly design and textile related, though of course those are not my only interests in life – I just don’t feel the need to pin on all the others, including reading, playing cards, cooking, mahjong, walking, travel, physical geography, archeology, history and more – but may do in time. However, if I were planning to remodel the bathroom I’d certainly start a new board for ideas about that.

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