A Second 12" Square for the SAQA Online Auction, Going Live 10th November 2008

On march 24th last, I blogged on the 12″ square I had just made for this year’s SAQA reverse on-line auction, under the heading of Ebb and Flow of a series. So this is a pic of a second one I did and submitted recently. It reflects the leather on fabric works I have done these past couple of years, and is a variation of the one in last year’s auction. The punched leather is a gold, not a yellowy gold but more a fools gold colour, which of course carries absolutely no other relevance than a colour reference! A khaki-gold metallic, in other words. I still have some gold leather and can feel a larger work coming on to ease me into quilting mode after our arrival back in Montevideo this morning from the USA/family visits.
And no, I did not dye this beautiful piece of fabric – and I have had the remnant so long that I honestly cannot fremember the dyer’s name. However I adored it at the time and had been saving the 20″ x 17″ odd piece for something special sometime. I still have some tiny bits …. but they are now not distinctive enough in small pieces to be precious about.

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