The Glitter of Gold with Sheer

I said a little while back I would like to do something more with sheer fabrics, and here are two samples I have done this week to trap some ideas before they fade from the first flash of inspiration….

The first, top, you can see I am thinking waving edges and wandering lines between solid areas of fabric. I did think of finishing off 12″ square of it for SAQA, but it didn’t develop enough zing for me to be inspired to continue.

The second, below, is all glitter and sheer – handling is not easy even in a little sample size piece like this, and so the BIG ideas I have probably won’t be quilte like this, either.
But – a scattering of things like this onto a black background … or v.v, gold in black sheer onto a cream background which I am about to try – well that could be something.

I brought a big cone of gold thread back from Aus on my last visit last year, so I have plenty to play with, even to also do the 1000 invitations to an exhibition which Petra and I hope will be soon (see the posts for late november, 2007 for one of those invites)

If we are accepted at the fabulous place we saw yesterday and are today submitting for, I will launch into something new and large along these lines, and Petra hopes to launch herself over to Peru to study something she has always wanted to learn more about with goldsmiths there who have mastered ancient Inca techniques.

So back to the drawing board to follow a couple of ideas that have come to mind as I wrote this.

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