Edges And Holes

Edges+holes mean lace or a lace effect, often. Lace effects have always interested me.

Timetracks 7 edge close up blogholes web 2



But here I’m thinking of edges that are a bit ambiguous – altered, perhaps mangled, or not well defined.

holes web 1

edges ambiguous blog


Border crossings are so interesting, being as they are the ‘edges’ of a country. Last week I read that Chile and Peru are at loggerheads over a piece of land approximately 10 hectares in area !   Talking to a Uruguayan customs officer at a crossing check point while waiting for Mike to get a replacement key for the rental we were driving – long story and it was years ago –  I was struck by a phrase he used –  ‘our porous borders’ in reference to smuggling activity at all levels from the petty to the serious, and impossible to really control.  Certainly, you can stand with one foot either side of the border out in a field or on a back country road; and trade goes whichever way the currency conversions favour at the time.  Border places are so interesting, being as they are the ‘edges’ of a country.

Today’s samples –  each about 10cm square.

edges 1 blog

edges sample 2 blog




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