Tatts !

Living in the relatively quiet backwaters of Uruguay, I had not seen this stuff, but probably all north americans have. Our DD has not had her arms covered in a full set of zany tattoos – the printed flesh-coloured stretchy mesh sleeves attach inside the t-shirt she’s wearing and, being form hugging they give the appearance of tattooed arms.

She says she gets a lot of looks, some of them horrified, some admiring, whenever she gets out in this number. I was rather taken with this witty idea, and pleased she isn’t planning to actually ‘do’ the whole arm bit. However she and fiance G are planning to have wedding rings tattooed before the big day… bizarre imho but, it’s their business. What will ‘they’ think of next to part people from their money….

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  1. sandra wyman says:

    What an amazing idea this is – at one time I really fancied the look at tattoos but not their permanency (or the pain for that matter)

    Thanks for your comments on My Brief History of Western Art – I enjoyed writing it enormously and am knocked out by the comparison with Eddie Izzard (I know the piece you mean and I love it too!)

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