It’s Friday Again, So Have Some More Fish

veiltailed goldfish

These beautiful veil-tailed gold fish are very popular, being easy for amateurs to care for in a properly set up tank.  Care includes cleaning the sides of the tank of algae each week or so.  They’re pretty hardy, going by the experience we had when our 3-4 y.o. son  decided at around 6am one morning that he’d clean out their tank as he’d watched/helped his father do.   Our reasonably sized tank held 6 comfortably, and was positioned up on the kitchen counter.  By the time we emerged to organise breakfast, there was our son , standing on a stool, moving the fish about in the tank with his hand to catch them – most had been dropped at least once before landing in a holding basin, but two were still in the tank.  All 6  had at least one damaged fin or tail part, and could be said to be ‘limping a bit’.  We intervened, and removed the sodium bicarb cloudy water (he’d ‘fed’ them!) and added fresh water to the tank, after which they looked a little less stressed.  Within a few short weeks all fish were still alive and tails and fins had fully recovered.  I can totally recommend these hardy beautiful fish as family pets.  We had them for years and handed them on to another family when we left for northern Australia.

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