Garlic !

Ah – spring – and nothing like a fresh garland of garlic. I just bought this one from a vendor who came to the gate a few minutes ago. Why would anyone here in Montevideo buy powdered garlic or crushed in a jar (with preservatives) when the wonderful fresh stuff can be had, so beautifully presented, and in such quantity for about US $8-50 ?

We always have one hanging on the back of the kitchen door. I will give at least half of this one away – we can’t get through all this, even though we eat a lot of it, there’s still a bit of the previous one, seriously drying out now, from the same guy 6 months ago. Of course in addition to imparting wonderful flavour, fresh garlic wards off colds and the dreaded grippe, they say. We know it wards off anyone else too, if you have been eating a lot of it!

So –this is today’s textile note – click on the image to get closer to the wonderfully plaited leaves that hold the whole thing together.

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