Triple Gold Glitter

Martha Ginn  commented on double needle gold quilting (previous post) and I sent her  an email about using a triple needle threaded with gold metallic, too.  Then thought I’d post this rather technical post as there could be others interesting in using multi-needles with metallics sometime.  In the Schmetz brand they’re called ‘Drilling’ for some reason, and they are expensive – expect to pay at least US$10 per unit !!!  so take care when working with them.  And as for threads,  I have no idea of the brand of large economical cones I found ages ago in Australia, but Sulky and the YLI have worked well for me in the past.

Triple needling gives a great outline, as in this snippet from a recent work –
triple gold blog

Whenever I use metallics I always follow these steps –

  • Slow the machine’s speed a bit and never hurry
  • Loosen the top tension a bit
  • Use a larger eyed needle if possible
  • Rub a little Sewer’s Aid on the metallic thread cone/reel
  • Work on a sample piece front/batting/back first to get the settings right.

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