Anatomy of a Commission- Finale, almost

It’s all finished – the quilt is all bound, sleeved, signed and photographed, and with a little luck and a fair wind it will be on its way up to the US client in a couple of days, in the safe hands of a trusted friend. I am refraining from putting up the final pic until I hear from the client that it is in her hands – I feel she needs to see the final effect first, but I am very happy with it, and the worst she could do is dislike it in the flesh, return the quilt along with most of the deposit and we’d be square. I am sure she won’t though. Anyway when I have word from her, I will post the pic showing the final choice of binding.
Now I will head upstairs and do what I always do at the end of a piece – put all the fabrics back in their particular clear placcy (pillow and blanket)bags based on broad colour groupings, throw out the rubbish of offcuts and bits too small to use or save, clear up the threads off the floor, and get out what I am planning to use for the next work. Attention turns again to something new for my July exhibition with Petra, in addition to finishing off the mustard and grey leather quilt which still needs quite a bit of hand quilting. And some ideas have begun percolating to use the frog leather I was given last year…. almost hate to cut into the skins, but need to test the idea now, it works in principle on paper.

2 Responses to “Anatomy of a Commission- Finale, almost”

  1. Felicia says:

    Congratulations on finishing your commission!

  2. Kathy says:

    Oh My God…but which binding did you choose? I can’t wait to know…you must tell me now! :-). Joking. Thanks for the trip through the commission…it was interesting to read.

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