Sleepless in Montevideo

Someone commented on the lively thunder storms we experience here in Montevideo Uruguay, as they  roar up and down the River Plate.  Tonight/this morning we’ve been having one of those,  and here I am, sleepless in Montevideo.

It started just as I settled for the night, book down, light off- and as a result I haven’t slept well really – I just can’t help listening and watching!

Around an hour ago I got up for a bathroom trip, and turning  on the tap for a drink of water found no water coming out.  This meant the downstairs power circuit was off.  In this slightly crazy house water is pumped from the water main outside the gate into the storage tank out back, and from there pumped to wherever in the house the tap is turned on or the loo’s flushed.  The only way to get water while the power’s off is by bucket brigade from the tap just inside the front gate.  It’s not often, and we manage.  I did live in a tent for a couple of years and can manage most difficulties.  I turned the power back on OK, but the howling wind and rumbling thunder, plus something banging in the wind has kept me wide awake, though the wind’s dropping now, and as I’m starting to fade a bit, I’ll make this short.    Daniel and Maria are pleasant neighbours, lovely people.  They never complain about our dog who barks loudly at hapless pedestrians as they pass; and we never complain about their very noisy parrot who spends a lot of time outside.  I’m not going to complain about the noisy door banging in the wind as it often does at times like this, because I won’t hear it when I go back upstairs, and they too sleep on the opposite  side of their house.  And,there is a slight chance it it’s actually NOT from next door, but further around behind one of our local restaurants, which, at 5am has long been closed.

A few years ago I blogged a piece entitled ‘Sleepless in Perth, WA’ and one of my readers complained that that title was copyrighted, as in the movie title ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, and I shouldn’t have used it.  She went on and on about it and her strident, aggressive silliness eventually drove me to turn on the comment moderation required thingy.  She went away.  I reserve the right to be ‘sleepless’ anywhere, even in Seattle should I ever go there.  If any of you get cranky with me on this post I’ll turn that moderation app on again, OK?  !!!



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