Anatomy of a Commission – Day 7

This is actually day 9 – I have not done anything to this piece since monday.
Over the last couple of days I have heard from my client, who is happy with progress so far and has again expressed her preference for a binding, with which I quite agree, now. It is not always possible to see so far ahead – the answer to the question, “To bind, or not to bind,” may not become clear until all the piecing, or even the quilting, has been carried out.

I mentioned in the earlier posts on this subject that I had found a couple of pieces of (leftover) binding from other projects which might be considered suitable.

The tomato/red/pink opiece to the left is so long, I am thinking “How could someone have SO MUCH leftover?” I must have been really out of it the day I worked out the measurements and bound that quilt, But, already I can see, particularly from the next photo, that this long leftover piece lives to bind another quilt, another day – it just does not do enough for this one.

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