Landscapes – Small Scale

landscape thingies black v brown

I’m deciding whether these little textile landscapes will be mounted against black or dark-greyish brown.   These little assemblies have dimsions of 5-8cm,  and I envisage added stitching… but they will be nothing like the framed pieces I had here in a gallery one season a few years back – below is one of a group I called ‘Fabriciations’

I blogged about them and other small works here and they all sold well.  While these don’t look landscapey really, they definitely grew out of a group of small little landscapes made about 12-15 years ago.  These were small, colourful patchwork pieced landscapes with borders and feature stitching, all about postcard  size.  Now I can’t stand the mounts and last year ripped the remaining pieces offand actually, I don’t particularly care for the textile pieces, themselves, either!  I have about 8 left deep in a dark cupboard, and only show them here to illustrate that despite changes in my personal taste and so on, there are unifying elements in my vision to which I go back time and again.  I’d never show them today, but here’s how they looked displayed about 10 years ago in Fremantle:

small improvisations 3


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