It Can Take A While For An Idea …

For some years  I’ve had on my pin board a little cutting of a full and detail view of a tapestry weaving by Scottish textile artist Sara Brennan   The image was for an ad in a magazine for a solo show at The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, 2006.

Lines are important to me, as in ‘lines=seams’.  The importance of line in Sara Brennan’s landscape inspired work is because of  “the meetings (that) occur around a horizon”   Who knows why didn’t I research her work when I first found this picture, but I never took the little pic down, because it felt important for me to leave it there.    This morning, while doing something totally different I suddenly realized if I fused some sheer fabric over a seam it could have a slightly similar effect, with a lot of potential – and so I put together this little aide memoire of a sewn seam with sheer overlay, with the snippet from the pin board on the cream part of the photo.   How interesting that it has taken me all this time of occasionally glancing at that little pic to finally have a little light bulb switch on!.

Sara Brenna's horizon work blog

I don’t know the name of the piece above, or the one below.  When searching around for writing on her work I found very little, really, which is a bit disappointing.  But at least you can see more images of this beautiful, evocative work here.   

sara brennan weaver - horizons series

Wool tapestry weaving from Sara Brennan.  I’m a fan.

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2 Responses to “It Can Take A While For An Idea …”

  1. Erica says:

    Hello Ms.Schwabe! I just came across your blog as i was searching for more on Sara Brennan. I came across a piece of hers and went to research more. There is indeed a sad lack on content about her work on the internet! Thank you for posting these photos, especially the top one. I had no seen it before.

  2. Alison says:

    Hi Erica – nice to know people from very different parts of the world and working in totally different fibre media are among my readers. I’m not a formal person – feel free to use my name any time you’d like ot commewnt in the future 🙂 Blog posts will be appearing in the next few days again – I have been travelling and with my current technology and being pressed for time while visiting family, I hav let my blog rest a while – but I love writing and will be back into my regular pattern soon. cheers!

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