Holes: The Essence of Lace, I Believe

I’ve just realized that I’ve had a love of ‘holes’ for some time, and of course they are the essence of ‘lace’ which I see as patterns of holes, though others might see ‘lace’ as patterns of threads.  

holes lace web


This morning I went back through my photos to find some I’ve loved and recorded in the past few years:

holes web 5

holes beach foam web

holes web 9


holes web 7

holes web 8

holes web 9

holes web 10

holes web 13

holes web10

holes web12


Anyway these samples and details show some of the ways I’ve used ‘holes’ in the past few years. 


holes web 1

holes web 2

holes web 3


holes web14


I think I can detect holes marshalling their forces to appear in my work again sometime soon – stay tuned!



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