All finished ready to present

Well, actually the binding is attached but not yet handsewn down, but I can do that while we are all talking and catching up in N. Colorado when I get there early tomorrow afternoon. The binding I decided eventually to do in the leopard print, and it looks really good.

When I looked again at the pieced top on sunday morning, after posting about one wrongly aligned block, I found (with fresh non-tired eyes I guess ) there were actually three in a row. One kind friend said she didn’t think anyone would notice – shi might have been right – I unpicked them and resewed all threee into the right alignment anyway because I would always notice. And then, darnit, after the quilting and all that, yesterday I noticed another one out on one side – and it will be there for ever.

The stars , 55, freee mchine quilted, are in all the plain tan blocks, since IMHO a 6″ square is too large to leave unquilted despite what any batting manufacturers might say. On all the striped blocks I wrote grandson #2’s name, in free machine quilting, snipped the ends to about half inch and leaving them hanging, on the front, but will snip and darn in on the back as necessary .

Right now the main focus is to get the gear into the case and get to the airport on time with a couple of little errands to run in between.
All do-able provided I don’t linger too long over this! Posted by Picasa

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  1. Anonymous says:


    The animal print is a nice contrast to the tan and other colours so it will look super as a binding. Love the Altar cloth too.

    Have a safe journey and a happy time with family.

  2. diva of quilts says:

    What a fun quilt! I love the stars and name quilting.

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