Quilt top pieced for grandson #2

Well it’s late saturday night and at last I am all clear to go to bed since the piecing is finished. tomorrow I will layer and machine quilt this, and at least attach the binding, if possible, so that if I run out of time I can finish the hand sewing in Colorado later in the week.

I quite like the effect of half the blocks in this design having no piecing at all on them – hugely speeds up the peicing time of course, a useful thing to know in a hurry, and although this is not an art quilt, but a more a contemporary scrap quilt, there are several possibilities here I can go forward with some time.

If I had known more about polyester fabric before I started piecing the job would have been quicker. I was fully aware this lovely tan fabric was part or entirely polyester, confirmed by the feel and that tell-tale odour when ironing. But, with a simple design like this, carefully cut squares and very gently curved or straight lines pieced into some of the blocks, I thought “no worries luv” Boing.

I should have, but didn’t iron the whole piece of tan polyester first. I had already cut maybe 20 x 6″ squares when I noticed some of them had crush lines on them, and ironed those. With some dismay I observed a one-direction shrinkage that was not restored when the heat of the iron faded – and measuring discovered the loss of 1/4 inch from the 6″ side – by my reckoning over a 42″width of fabric this represents approx 6% shrinkage – as I said, selvedge to selvedge only, so I think that is over the weft – but significant when we are talking about piecing meticulously cut squares! So, as I pieced the whole thing every tan piece had to be turned and checked, and about 20 of them needed a piece added along one side. It all took time to rectify. I am not saying ‘never use polyester’ but I am saying – beware!

And finally, I have put up this pic and now see one of the bright blue patches is wrongly aligned – well, I will sleep on the need to unpick and resew – will the blind man on a galloping horse actually notice ? I think not. Doubt a little 8 year old will, either. Posted by Picasa

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    It’s going to be a lovely quilt and as my Mumalways said’a blind man would be glad to see it’.

    Thanks for sharing your problems with the polyester fabric, I haven’t tried working with it but I will add your info to my quilting journal.

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